Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 6.17.19

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 6.17.19

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 6.17.19

Well into the summer swing here fishing the Missouri River near Craig Montana. Today we again bring you the most, and really only, updated Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 6.17.19.

Fishing is good. Off the charts? Nope. But very strong nymphing along with the afternoon rising bit. And by a bit, I mean a bit.

We have had a few mini sessions of the dry fly game that were quite productive. All day long stuff? Not yet. But, everyday is an optimistic day when you are a fly fishing angler.

Water temps in the hi 50’s. Should bring more PMD’s this week.

Brown Drakes on the horizon. A couple weeks out? Or a week. Probably the former as the hatch cycle has been about two weeks behind schedule for the 2019 spring and summer bug frenzy.

Trico’s in the distance as well. A couple weeks out for sure. Maybe longer. We will have to report, and that is what a report is, after the fact.

Water flows on the Mo proper below Holter Dam are hovering at the 6000 cfs mark. Good times. Good wade fishing. Good access to the trout.

Nymph anglers are using the PMD as the base fly recently. Most all day long PMD action. Any of the PMD patterns that we have at HH are good. Others too. Redemption, Hogans PMD, Frenchie, Split Back, Crack Back, Bubbleback, Tunghead Hot Spot Yellow PT…

Also the sow gang is getting ’em. Zirdle’s, Rubberlegs, Worms, Zonkers under a bobber will get the fish interested. Cray’s? Yes. Use some split and put it in front of them.

The entire river is fishing. Trips and boats and wade anglers fishing the from the dam to the town of Cascade. Lots of pressure at the dam. Wow! If you want to see fewer anglers, go elsewhere. Canyon is receiving some attentions as well.

PMD’ are on the menu. Caddis too. Midges? Not really. You will see some random small mayfly stuff out there. Fish the mayfly stuff for all day long action. Yellow Sally nymphs in the canyon is not a terrible idea.

The Dearborn River is at 683cfs at press time. I’ll be getting on it this week. Can’t wait.

The Blackfoot is on fire with the Big Salmonfly Hatch. The rest of the state is fishing. Run-off nearly over in the many rivers in this state that we all love. See us for Blackfoot trips, or Dearborn Guide Trips. We are in peak season so we do have slim availability. Give us a call to see how we can facilitate your summer fishing vacation plans.

Holly Maddox above with United Women on the Fly with her first Missouri River Brown Trout! Nice Holly. New Breed Chicks inline edition for all you ladies out in fly fishing land. We have the best in women clothing and gear at Headhunters. The only local fly shop with female guides and shop staff. Strange huh. So if you dig women you should come by and see us. Get something for your wife, or for yourself. Headhunters is your female fly fishing HQ in the canyon!

Thanks to the UWOTF for visiting this week. Fun times. See you again in one year. And some of you will be returning in July for the Trico hatch.

Headhunters open daily from 630 onwards. Open late til 9pm. Late shuttles, flies, fun, music, sun gear, HH Logo Gear, fishing licenses, free river maps, customer service above all the rest, and the best in river info all here at the friendly fly shop in Craig.

Come visit the epic-center here in downtown Craig MT. Food, flies, fun, 3 fly shops, and Izaak’s open Wed-Sunday @ 4pm. Shotgun Annies in WC for dinner tonight and tomorrow night.

Happy Monday Headhunters Gang. We love you all!



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  • Kent Richeson
    June 17, 2019 7:41 am

    Please…..Please…..Please…..keep the flows reasonable as my buddy and I head to the Mighty Mo’ for the week of June 21-28….last two times we have been we have seen 12000 cfs…..our PMD boxes are gathering dust 🙂

    • Do a trout fishing dance to Kent! They can do wonders. Or pray to the fishing gods…BOTH!

      • Kent Richeson
        June 18, 2019 6:12 am

        Mark….trust me my dancing would only scare the trout and anger the fishing gods….that said my much more than better half is an ordained Presbyterian minister and much like “the book” she believes that all first class fisherman on the sea of Galilee were fly-fisherman and that John the favorite was a dry fly fisherman….so I got that going for me …..Kent

  • Holly Maddox
    June 17, 2019 7:38 pm

    Your staff, guides and the cabin were top notch for our weekend. Can’t wait to come back next year. Big shout out to Eric Mondragon for excellent guiding and entertainment on the river – we slayed and learned some new tricks.

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