Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 6.27.22

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 6.27.22

The fishing is good. Lots of anglers here.

Flows 4K. Temps 58F.

PMD’s daily. Still river wide. Waning in some areas. The remainder will continue for another 4 weeks? Or a bit shorter, or a bit longer. PMD dry fly fishing has been good. Cripples, spinners, emergers. 14’s, 16’s, and 18’s. Ephemerella infrequens and Ephemerella inermis

Caddis still gaining ground daily. Some are tossing the caddis dry fly all day long. Others, not. CDC Caddis is king. The film living emergers will be gaining fans soon.

Getting them on junk patterns too.

Nymphers hooked up in the center. Fishing shelves and middle river structures at these flows can be effective. Caddis Pupa’s and PMD Nymphs. Trico sized nymphs waxing.

Trico’s on the menu soon. 4th of July-ish.

Non angler traffic was noticeable on Sunday. Not until then. The first showing. It as 90F.

It’s busy out there. Respect others water. Treat them like you would like to be treated. It’s still big river, boat traffic can go around bank/wade anglers. And some just believe you should get real close to those standing in the waters dry fly fishing.

The rest of the state has cleared up. Whoa. That was a crazy week last week. Lots of water falling from the sky.

Shop open about 630-ish daily. Open til about 630-ish nightly. Not much around of reloading. Not much around for guide availability. Lots of T-Shirts and flies, and sunscreen, and cool fly rods, and new fly lines, and great local info at the shop. Come by and say hello.




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  • Gotta love Bob Wyatt’s book “What Trout Want” ….. trout will eat the junk as long you don’t pitch a junk set-up, junk cast and drift. Are trout as smart as we seem to think? Selective? Doubt it… .

    • Highly recommend this book as it shatters the myth of the so-called “educated”, “smart”, “PHD” or “selective” trout.
      Gary Borger likes to say that trout have an “IQ of 6” – and I think he’s being generous. And as Bob Wyatt reminds us, there is little difference between the brain of a trout and a frog. They spend their entire life either resting/hiding or eating, and when they’re hungry they really want to eat a properly presented fly.

  • Where is the fish’s Buff?

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