Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report October 4

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report October 4

Good to great nymphing, stripping, and swinging. Not great or even good blind or posted up dry fly fishing.

Flows about 3K. Temps dropping currently stable at 58F. BWO’s like a bit cooler water although we have seen a few around! They are on the horizon. Soon. Soon we hope.

Nymphers are getting it done with Zebra’s, Sows, Scuds, and mayfly nymphs. 2′-6′ from bobber to bottom fly. Find the fast water and conquer.

Fast water is the theme with the lower flows. Skip the BS and crack open that fall IPA between the goods. All disciplines including nymph, dry, and streamer water is the same. Faster.

Today, and tomorrow, and until physics change…DO all you can to not drop, finish with the rod tip, near, or parallel to the water. If you do this you will never progress from the casting state, stage that you are in. Honest. It is the #1 facet of fly casting that will keep you from progressing. Not one great fly caster finishes the casting stroke with the rod parallel to the water. Not one. The rod stops vertically or near vertical every cast.

P.S. If you try to argue, or even discuss this fact, don’t. ‘Cause you are wrong. Every time. Wrong.

Back to the report…

Strippers like flashy. Swingers like drab. Mix it up and try both.

Weeds still an issue for those not familiar with the Autumn and Fall historic weeds on the release here on the Mo. Yep, still weedy.

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