More closures at Montana FAS sites?

More closures at your local FAS sites?

Some closures dropped down by the Fish Wildlife and Parks folks two days ago could be expanded as we make our way through the days, weeks, and months ahead. While some larger group sites have already closed, including fishing piers, there may be additional sites closed in the future due to too much pressure.

FWP and Monday, March 30, 2020

As a reminder to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing guidelines should be followed at all Fish, Wildlife & Parks sites. Keep your distance from fellow recreators. FWP has closed group-use sites. While fishing access sites, state parks and wildlife management areas remain open (check for seasonal closures and openings), fishing piers, playgrounds and group-use facilities are closed to the public. Maintenance at FWP facilities will be cut back and public opportunities limited:

    • Overnight camping will not be allowed. Campgrounds will be systematically closed to give current campers 72-hour notice.
    • Group use sites will be closed, including playgrounds and fishing piers.
    • Visitor center closures will be extended at least through April 10.
    • Bathrooms may be limited.
    • Sites will be regularly patrolled by enforcement staff.

If a parking lot at a fishing access site or state park is full, consider another place to recreate.  Also, it is a good idea to recreate in your local area.

For more information on FWP’s response to COVID-19, visit

More FAS site closures to come?

Word on the street is there Ould be more FAS site closures if crowding becomes a problem at said sites. Too much congestion, overuse, and disregarding social distancing practices would be reasons for potential closures.

So be on your best behavior if you are out there fishing! Adhere to the classic fishing rules which used to be if you see a car at your spot, go to another spot. If you can see another angler, you may be too close. Don’t run in packs of anglers on foot, floatilla’s of boats all fishing together…those could lead to rule changes at fishing access sites.

Links to Covid actions and how it relates to Montana’s fishing community

Adipose Boatworks to Raffle Off Boat!

News from our friends at Adipose Boatworks in Helena Montana is that they are raffling off an Adipose Flow Drift Boat raising funds for fishing guides who support Adipose Boatworks. We don’t know how the funds will be dispersed yet but we do know that Mike and Justin have put this together donating all of the proceeds to guide charity.

The raffle went live today on their Instagram site. Find them on Instagram @adiposeboatworks

Tickets are available by calling Justin @ Adipose 406-992-1519

$25 each, or 5 for $100. I know I am getting couple. I want to win that boat! And, give back to the community who has even so much to us. Thanks Adipose. And thank you too our fantastic readers!

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  • Talked to Justin yesterday, winner of the boat gets to choose color, interior layout, and whether they want a south Fork skiff, flow, or runoff. Admirable gesture from the fellas at Adipose!

    • Awesome Matt. You are gonna look good in that new Adipose this summer! And thanks to Adipose as well. They are and have always been a very generous company to Vets, guides, and dozens of other causes with allocation of boats for auctions, direct donations, and so forth. Kudos to Adipose for always stepping up!

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