More Creepy Night Photos

Friday Foto’s this week include more creepy night photos. Who does this? More people than you think. I actually got busted on a couple of spots around Craig the other night. Just like fishing. They beat me to the spot.

(above image: Cascade Boat Ramp)

Speaking of fishing, there is a lot of surface activity in the wee hours right now. Lots. Might be worth a shot, and if the Aurora Borealis continues to glow, you won’t even need a headlamp. Chug a mouse? Skate a big Caddis? Black streamer? Yes.


I get questioned almost every day about finding out when the Aurora is going to be visible in North Central Montana. Not really by people hoping to capture images, but just by folks who’ve never seen it. Check out Soft Serve News to find out the current activity and “Storm” warnings. If you’re a Facebook afficianado, it’s probably easier to follow them and you’ll see the warnings on your FB feed. I also check out, which has lots of cool scientific stuff as well.

(below images: Looking south at Craig under the Milky Way, and my truck near Cascade at 2:30am.)

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  • Nothing creepy about those pictures. It’s gotta be gorgeous out there to get images like those. Some Arkansas fly fishers recommend you folks highly. Keep up the good work. You might see me out there with flyrods and camera! Cheers, Don

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