The Natural World Video

The Natural World Video


I met Tom Melvin this last October at the Headhunters Fly Shop Advanced Fly Fishing School. I was unloading the truck with beer, food, and various fly fishing gear. Tom walked up and introduced himself.

I got to know Tom the following four days. Tom is a Catholic Priest. An interesting feller who loves to fish. Like so many of us, he has a job too. I really liked Tom. An outdoorsman who has a truly interesting past. He has served in the Navy and held various roles within the Catholic Church.

Tom is threatening to come back to the Missouri this year. I bet he does.

On the last morning Tom showed me this video. I loved it.  We are always looking for fish media that has a message. Other than Bro-brah stuff. And, this short is fantastic.

If you don’t get to church today…and instead watch football all day…at least watch this vid!

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