New Boat Smell

New Boat Smell Rubber Style

Can’t remember who’s boat this was. But I do like it.

A reminder that the freestone season is not that far off. We dig the Blackfoot. It also happens to be the nearest kick ass freestone nearest us here in trout fishy Craig.

We have 1 more NRS Inflatable Drift Boat in stock for 2016. Yours for only $5495. Take it to a freestone in your backyard.

The anglers showed up yesterday. I suspect a bundle around today as well.

Weather here is too warm. Pump the Brakes Mother Nature. It’s Earth Day Yo.


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  • bought a freestone drifter last year from u guys and it is awesome, rows like that back upper fin boat but is one boat for all rivers, only down side is hooking shit up on the frame like a raft, maybe less beer and paying attention more would help. Thanks for the great drifter

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