New Boat Smell…. ME!

I’m back on the sticks guiding full time in 2017, and I’ve been without a drift boat for a couple years. My raft, my Towee, and my boots have been my main modes of covering water. Today I drove up to Helena to pick up a brand new Adipose Flow, the best guide boat on the market. Stoked.

While I was there I got to check out the new Adipose “Runoff”, a high side model for those who want a little more wave punching ability in their hull. I gotta say it’s a pretty sweet boat, and Adipose decided to lay the first one up in vacuum infused carbon-fiber.

This new model is designed for heavier water, big standing waves, and perhaps for that dude that’s just looking for a bigger boat…

If you’re interested in this hull, check out this short video showing off the new design and performance attributes. There’s more photos on the Adipose Facebook page. You can call Justin at the shop as well, but if you wait a few weeks you’ll get to see some more detailed images an on-water reports. Possibly some video as well.

I also took this quick shot from behind the oarlocks at gunnel level to try and give folks an idea of the difference in height. As you can see, it’s not a dramatic difference in height. It’s more of a performance difference. I expect this model to be very popular in Missoula, on the Yellowstone and over on the rain soaked rivers of the coast. Justin has been getting lots of inquiries from Colorado as well, and plans to have it down at the Sportsmans show in Denver in early January.

Great looking hull, and like always Justin, Mike and Tracy have putt lots of thought into this one.

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  • Glad to hear you’re back in the game. Looking forward to helping you break it in.

  • Dallas Hoffman
    December 20, 2016 1:58 pm

    Hi John just Dallas here, was wondering if I could ask a couple questions regarding the Adipose as I am ordering one after demoing one with you last year.
    What is your preference for oarsman seat configuration?,and, Do you see an issue with getting deep storage for both sides and using tackle trays?
    Thanks in advance for any guidance.
    Cheers from the frozen North, Dallas

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