New Breed Chicks Rule Stephanie Returns Edition

New Breed Chicks Rule Stephanie Returns Edition & 4th of July Fishing Report

New Breed Chicks Rule Stephanie Returns Edition

Stephanie graced the early pages of the blog and has more than one installment in the New Breed Chicks annals.

Stephanie and friend Amanda, you’ll see her early next week as she too has a New Breed Chicks Rule post forthcoming, rocked it all day long with HH guide SOL.

So thanks again Stephanie for making the day fun, light, and full of Mo River Trout!

And lots of anglers commented that your boat was the funnest on the water Thursday. Truth. It was the funnest!

4th of July Fishing Report

Headhunters Closed early 4th of July 3pm. Open 7-3 on the holiday.

Open all of the other days 7am daily til 6pm midweek and 7pm weekends.

PMD’s yes. Not on the dry, or very few, until the water falls some. Nymphers getting them on the Frenchie, any brown looking PMD type nymph like the Split Case, PT, S & M, Reckoner, Redemption…

Deep at 9′ was the game yesterday. Water has not moved since yesterday, so I would guess that would be the case as we move forward.

Water levels should stay the same for the weekend at 12K-ish. May see some relief as we get into the front end of next week. The drop will be awesome. We are looking forward to it!

Split shot yes. get it there quickly and keep it there a long time.

Streamers? Not that I’ve heard of.

Shuttles. Gear. Rods. Sale. Logo Gear. All the cool flies you need. Open at 7am.

Happy 4th! Thanks Stephanie. Be safe!

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  • Bruce Lisser
    July 3, 2020 5:26 pm

    So glad you were able to have a fun day with Steph and Amanda, Debbie and I will return someday, tough to leave work in the summer right.

    Take care


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