Bray Gulch Fire Holter

New Fire at Holter Lake

KRTV (Great Falls) reported that the BLM campgrounds on Holter Lake were evacuated/closed this afternoon, due to a new fire above the Lake. I went up last night to take a look as there wasn’t much information on the news. Ironically, the smoke we’ve had finally cleared this evening so I could get a good look.

I wasn’t sure where the fire was and if I would be able to see it. As you can see, I could. Eery as a photograph. Too quiet. Every fire photo causes me to imagine men in yellow shirts busting there butts to get it under control, and lots of noise.

Unfortunately it was very windy as well. I hope that I don’t have any more photos in the following days. I know that local firefighting crews are on it. Stay safe.

The fire is being called the Bray Gulch Fire. Beartooth Road (the paved road from Wolf Creek Bridge to the dam/Bullpen) is closed as of last night.

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