NFG – Mike McCune joins our Guide Staff

Headhunters is stoked to announce that legendary Spey caster Mike McCune is the latest addition to our excellent guide staff. Mike has been doing a few Spey trips this year, but as we roll into autumn, we know that many of our customers will be interested in spending a day or two on the water with Mike, so time for a formal announcement. His easy going manner and knowledge will make for a great day on the water…

BUT only if you’re a fan of casting a two-hander! Mike will only be doing Spey trips, which is no surprise if you know Mike or have spent any time talking with him. Mike has spent decades guiding Summer and Winter Steelhead, Trout and Salmon in Alaska, and pursuing other species like Smallmouth Bass and Shad with a spey rod. Mike had a hand in developing the first commercially available “Skagit” lines (along with Ed Ward and Scott O’Donnell), and was also an early adopter of ultra-light Spey Rods for trout.

Mike will be available from now through the end of October if you’re interested in getting out on the Missouri and chasing some fish on the swing. Like all of our trout Spey guided trips, Mike will use his boat to access the best wade spots on the river. We don’t fish from the boat on these trips. We don’t bring single handed rods “just in case”. And we don’t Nymph.

Mike is a USCG licensed operator and uses his comfortable jet boat while guiding. Like all of our jet boat trips, the cost is $650. This is a great way to see the Missouri River and is an efficient way to cover water.

If you’re interested in a trip with Mike, call the shop at 406-235-3447 and get it booked. No doubt this will be a popular choice for many anglers this fall.

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  • too bad he feels he needs a jet boat so not needed on a blue river trout stream thumbs down mike

  • I agree. Evidently he doesn’t respect most of the other anglers opinion about the jet boats on this river. A disservice in my opinion.

  • Rick Jorgensen
    August 21, 2019 7:51 am

    T. Horn and Rick – jet boats have been on the MO for years. I have fished with Mike on many occasions and he is far more courteous than many of the drift boat folks. He brings his boat down off plane when he is 200 yards from a drift boat and will move to the far side of the river and use just enough power to move the boat slowly. Remember the river is for everyone, including drift boats with motors on them
    Rick J

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