November 13th Missouri River Fishing Report

November 13th Missouri River Fishing Report

November 13th Missouri River Fishing Report

Winter rules out there. Play by them and you will not freeze your ass off along with catching more fish.

Early starts for those tossing the streamer. The fish can be pretty active in those wee early morning hours. Or not. Not a fan when it is bitter cold later in the winter. But right now the morning session can be productive. Mostly talking about swingers and strippers here.

Deep nymphing will work. Most of the day may be consumed by the deeper rig. The fish are in those deeper slots. Not much mayfly activity so do not get mired in the short leash style unless you are lighting it up. Stay too long in those shallows with the nymph and it may be quiet in your boat.

Pink if you wish. But stay strong until the water temps dip below the 40F mark. It’s better for your constitution. Sows and scuds yes. The grey ones still work. Small mayflies for pm action.

Sounds like all kinds of streamers are working. A good swing and strip bite the past couple weeks. We’ve been hooking fish with relative consistency. Flashy, white, brown, gold, yellow, chartreuse, black, small, wiggly, along with the cadre of soft hackles and wets.

Lots and lots of trout spey anglers thru the hallowed doors of Headhunters the past 6 weeks. Calls daily about lines in stock, rods on the wall, tips, heads, new trout spey lines from Scientific Angler, RIO, OPST, and Airflo. All in stock and ready to fish! Call us up for info about any of your two handed needs.

We have rods from Anderson Custom Rods that are gaining traction. Come see the Nova two hander see what all the buzz is about. Rods from Sage, Orvis, ACR, ECHO, and the staff favorite Loomis IMX-Pro. You gotta go cast that shooter. You’ll fall in love with it!

Spey Guide Trips $400. Have several out again this week. Guides available. Call today. Need lodging for the weekend? We got that too.

Not much in the dry fly world. Yes there are fish rising. Not always that consistent. They will eat a well drifted fly though. Make sure that first cast is on the money and you can find that net under the seat.

You may bump into a localized hatch. BWO’s or midges. Don’t trust that you will also see them around the next corner. Sometimes yes. Sometimes…

Moving through the month. Can’t believe it is nearly Turkey Day. We’ll see the kids back form school tossing a few flies at the Missouri River trout. Start thinking about Black Friday.

Keep in mind your local specialty retailers. They love you! They love your community. Let’s all love each other? OK. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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