November Missouri River Fishing Report 11.7.16

November Missouri River Fishing Report 11.7.16

November Missouri River Fishing Report 11.7.16

The water temperatures are above normal.

How much above normal? We saw temps like we are having this week, currently 51F, the last 3 years. But 4 years ago, 2013, we saw water temps at 46.5 this week. And 2012 we witnessed water temps at 49F. So it is above normal.

The weather is sunny. Not normal for this time of year either.

It has been sunny and windy this past couple weeks. More normal is overcast and windy.

So we move into the front end of our winter season with unseasonably weather conditions. We are used to this kind of consistency with the weather. Consistently inconsistent. The norm here in central Montana.

The Fishing?

Average. The nymphing has been staying strong. Deep in the morning, deep all day if you wish. Short if you like. Medium too. Find your lane, your shelf, your zone and fish it.

Small BWO nymphs rule. Sows. Scuds. Worms.

The streamer fishing continues to be hit and miss. Some days they are interested and others they, the trout, are not. Yesterday was black. Some had success not eh Kreelex. The Skiddish Smolt has had its wins as well. Intermediate tips have been the norm with the water levels of 3400cfs. Skinny water out there so you could toss your dry line streamer line if you wish. Some are tossing the T-8 tip also.

Dry fly fans not too much to get excited about. A few fish not he margins and they have proved to be quite difficult. Be on your game as they are some what spooky holding in thin water in the high bright sunny conditions. So be precise.

Dry fly patterns? Small techy or big and gaudy. The blind dry fly game has been decent in the afternoons. October caddis, attractors like and Adams, Purple Haze, a skittering caddis, and the like.. Baby Chubby? Yup.

Trout Spey

Swing Season in effect. Come by and learn about how to get on board. We have the ways and means.

All Winter Long!

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 730 am. Come by for a strong sale rack, shoes, boots, a few waders, fly lines, mens shirts, women’s shirts, mens shorts, SIMMS, and a few demo rods too. Get you Christmas presents early this month at Headhunters in Craig.



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  • Rivers Tewart
    November 7, 2016 1:28 pm

    Hitch Hiked from Missoula to Craig this week in 2013 to fish for the famous pods so eloquently described in Lafontaine’s The Dry Fly: New Angles. Had hands-down the best week of trout fishing of my life; fished to risers all day from 7:30 am til dark. Saw maybe a couple boats on the first day, a Sunday and then the traffic cleared out. Campground in Craig: empty. Bar in Craig: Locals only. Was able to light my pipe with a BIC still generously on loan from Squeaky Oar Lock himself. Thanks SOL! But yes, I can recall having to duck out of the wind and army-crawl through the streamside vegetation to dap to a lone sipper who took a CDC midge presented on a scant six feet of 5x only to break me off as it hit the current. The last day, fishing Lone Pine: bobber down, violent headshakes, bam! Off. And those are the fish that keep me coming back. Only now, I actually own a vehicle and a four season tent and will likely be fishing stronger tippet material. This river is a beast. The highs are high and the lows are still pretty invigorating. I am consistently impressed by the brute force of its fish. I am impressed by the way the river just reeks of biomass. It’s a testament to the high productivity of this system. When I smell those volatile organic carbons emanating from the stream as I walk over the bridge at Craig I know somebody cut a real Bronx cheer, er… know that in terms of fishing, I’m going to be in for a real Jim Dandy.

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