New Boat Smell "Oar Boy"

“Oar Boy”

A good looking Adipose on the river. This one from our friend John downriver of Craig.

We love the Seafoam Green color as it reminds us of the salt and sunny Tarpon dreams.

Will you get a new boat this year? How about just fixing up your old dingy and getting it out on the water.

Whatever you decide we can help you here at Headhunters with flies, information, suggestions on floats, shuttles, new ropes for your anchor system, anchors, new oars, or order anything more you may need for your summer adventures.

Come by for new anchor rope at HH of Craig. We have two types of anchor rope for your pleasure. Be sure to check out the upgrade rope with solid core. A better product. Less stretch, a better “feel”, and will last longer than that used up current anchor rope you may be using? Does your anchor rope slip? Yikes. Time for a new one, or turn it around?

This author replaces his rope annually. No reason to use an inferior product when posting up on spooky rising trout!

Come by and see us this early summer. We have the tools too improve your day!

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