Oh boy it’s hot Reach Cast Video

Reach Cast Video

Getting hotter here on the Mo. Monday it did not fish all that well. A few on the dry, but not many on the nymph. Be prepared for either outcome here in the near future.

Plugging along in the back end of July. It’s hot.

The fishing can be difficult on the dry. Even more difficult if you don’t employ some sort of slack line presentation.

The Reach Cast is one of those that may help you get a few to the net. A Pile Cast will work. An S Cast will work. Any slack line presentation that you feel you should present.

Because dragging the fly over the trout, even just a little bit, may not encourage the fish to bite your fly.

7wt’s famous saying is true right now which is…

The fishing is as good as you are.

Happy Tuesday.

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    July 25, 2017 7:44 am

    It was nice to haress the Headhunter crew for 3 weeks plus, maybe do the henrys fork next year? Did I say that? See you in November

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