Overlooked Fly Fishing Gear

Overlooked Fly Fishing Gear

A post by Dick Magill from Headhunters of Craig. Thanks Dick, appreciate the insight today.

Fly fishing has come a long way over the years. The technological advances in the sport have opened many different possibilities for anglers including where people can target fish, how long they can stay in the elements targeting fish, and even new species of fish to target. As exciting as all of that is, there is still a place for some fairly basic tools. In fact, I wouldn’t be caught on the water without the following items. 

#1  A hook sharpener

I use a hook sharpener all the time. The number one reason for using one? Your flies will last longer. It’s that simple. If you bang your streamer off a rock and roll the point, it no longer possesses jaw penetrating sharpness. A quick run over a sharpener and your streamer is back in the fight. It’s also far quicker than tying on a new streamer. Saving time rigging equates to more fishing. You can even open a beer using one with a little practice. So not only are they practical, they’re versatile. 

#2  Nipper

I rock Rising’s version they call the Nippa. As far as nippers go the Nippa is pretty rad. Rising was the first company to dip their product in rubber making them way easier to hold in wet conditions. They also come with a little recessed spike for cleaning the eyes of flies. Super handy. 

#3  Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamps

Mitten Scissor Clamps are one of those things you don’t realize you need until you’ve had a pair and lost them. Then you will never go without them again. Like the first couple tools I mentioned, Mitten Scissor Clamps are extremely versatile. You can use them to pinch barbs, remove hooks, and add split shot. The scissors are tough enough to cut through anything that might be too much for your Nippas, giving you the ability to slice and dice through the toughest of tippets. 

#4  Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers 

Sharpies are perfect for last minute touch ups on flies. I carry a couple different colors in my boat bag with black and neon orange being used most often. Black is great for adding baring to your streamers or even adding spots to certain foam flies. Black Sharpies are also useful for coloring dry fly post in low light scenarios.  Neon Orange is cool for adding a little more visibility to small posts on dry flies. It definitely makes a difference when tracking your fly from afar. 

#5  Jules Winnflied BMF Amadou Drying Patch

Amadou is about as old school as it gets, but it’s still wildly popular with fly fisherman worldwide. It’s a type of hydrophilic fungus that soaks up all excess moisture from your flies. They’re clutch when fishing to spooky fish as it allows you to dry your fly without false casting all over the place. The Jules Winnflied Amadou BMF Drying Patch is even cooler than the rest because it lets all the other anglers know you’re a Bad Mother F@#$%&. 

#6  FlyVines Lanyard

Lanyards are cool because they keep several handy tools close and at the ready. I like FlyVines Lanyards for a couple different reasons. They keep my Nippas, hook sharpener, amadou patch, and several sizes of tippet organized and close. They’re also made from recycled fly line giving them a neat look and keeping old fly line out of landfills. 

There you have it. Six basic tools that will surely make your time on the water more enjoyable. None of these items are directly related to catching fish, but they all play a huge roll in being more efficient with your time on the water. If you don’t already possess these handy items, think about upgrading your arsenal next time you go out. 

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  • Mark – can you post or point to some shots of the Pat Elam style caddis? Do like tying and fishing caddis. The Muskegon River here in Michigan is a caddis factory (upper river) – the fish can get snotty! Thanks!

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