Parrothead Fly Shop and Shirt

Parrothead Fly Shop and Shirt

This cat bought the T-shirt at the Parrothead Fly Shop in ’92.

Bass player for the 710 Ashbury Band that played this previous Friday.

Said he wore it for the event, since they were playing in Craig.


Great to see this old t-shirt in downtown Craig. The ghosts of one of the original characters of Craig Steve Butt stirred a bit Friday night. Lots of Butts stories around. My first endorsing outfitter.

I have the original sign in my garage. Love it. Was inside the shop our first year open on the south wall. Then out back on the shed for years. Then the handpainted jewel is now waiting for a touch of preservation before it too fades away…


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  • maybe it was him (Steve) or maybe it was you (Mark), but first time I ran across Parrothead was back in about 1993.I walked into a shed in Craig and a guy has a recliner chair rigged as a fly tying arraignment! would pull the side lever and recline and then swing a small table with a stationary vise on it so he could recline and tie. had a headlamp and a funky magnifier around his melon so he could hone in on his work. O’Connell store was still there

  • haha, great story! As good as the river fishes today, I’m curious how it compares to 80’s and 90’s?

    • Good, but good then too. Fewer folks. The 80’s and 90′ are gone Richard. So, we enjoy it at its current greatness! Today the average fish is bigger. Consistent flows. All that good stuff. Cities are full of people, the rivers feel more pressure. It was good back then too…great memories of that time! A bit more drunken for me Richard…but we no longer have a Steve Butt around.

  • Carroll Jenkins
    September 5, 2018 7:19 pm

    Loved the Parrothead.

  • The Buttman was a lotta things-most of em good–occasionaly known as the guy who sent clients outta the boat wade fishing while he ate their lunches–I liked him though and fished with him plenty–to this day I maintain when he was pulling the sticks he had the best sneak I’ve ever seen.

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