A perfect plan for an August Day

A perfect plan for an August Day

A perfect plan for an August Day

Fish the dam for a few hours. Until your arms fall off. Nymph up some dandy’s on the grass flats. A circus for sure. Fun? Yep. Can there be a few boats up top? Yes. But all in good fun and if you fall in line you will find the row around program is not too bad. It is what it is. And that is generally hooking a bunch and landing a few piggy rainbows.

Break for lunch about noon. Either float from WC to Craig or farther. Or put in lower down the river and toss the terrestrial. If you are wading find some long riffles and walk that fly on down. Or toss short, medium, then long. Then walk a few steps and repeat. You can drum a few up if you are vigilant. And some biggies too. Spoke with a feller yesterday mid-day and said that the hopper bite was slow. But did get one monster in the last 5 miles. Missed a few too. That is the game right now.

Fishing late? Probably not too bad. That last couple hours int he evening cools right off. Cooler nights as we move through this month. Then the likes of September will be upon us and those summer blues will fade away with the smoke! Hopefully.

Hang in there. If you are fishing this time of year you are enjoying the lack of pressure. And other than the dam, the bite is variable. Some bright spots out there too. An angler and a guide had their best hopper day ever this last week with the trout responding well bridge to bridge. You just gotta go to know. Try it. Some days the fish bite well and others not so well.

Reminds me of something I read in a fishing book once…

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