Pink Lightning Bug JAV Video

Pink Lightning Bug JAV Video

This ever popular winter bug today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog and Fishing Report. The Pink Lightening Bug JAV Video.

Watch and learn. If you don’t want to tie them up stop by the shop and fill up a cup or two. Or you could pick out a few Just Add Vise kits including the Pink Lightning Bug.

Happy Friday. Many Headhunters staffers fished this week with results all over the board. Some days are better than others. Mark fished yesterday with hot and cold stretches. Swung the fly the entire time with fish coming to hand on the Thin Mint, small black leeches, the Sparrow, Superflash White Zonker. larger Partidge and Peacock. John was out several days this last week too. His report is good. He has not changed flies in a month or two. And fishing in very thin water. That is true. The fish are holding in beautiful locales. Without the pressure yo can find them in pretty obvious spots.

That is all for today. Swing Clinics all weekend long. We will see you on the flats. Call today for lodging this weekend here in Craig.

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