Plenty of BWO's around the Missouri River

Plenty of BWO’s around the Missouri River


Plenty of BWO’s around the Missouri River

The sun will squash the great dry fly fishing for the most part this week. But, if you sneak around you will find some fish to cast at. Plenty of BWO’s around the Missouri River this week.

What we really need is overcast skies. The fish love overcast skies.

I think there is a misconception about baetis hatches. The misunderstanding stems from the great fishing that can be had during overcast and inclement conditions while we enjoy the positive fish behaviors during this kind of weather event.

The misconception comes in when we believe that the bugs hatch better when the clouds are overhead. I think that is untrue. Bugs love to hatch when the sun is out too. In fact they truly love it because they do not get eaten off of the surface as much. Or in the film, or even in the uncomfortable time when they may be stuck under the meniscus trying to break through.

Bugs come off just fine in the sun. The wind in conjunction with the sun is even better. Why? Because mayflies have to dry off their wings before taking flight. And if there is a slight breeze to gale force winds the drying time is scones. A few seconds. Sun and wind make for great hatching and flying conditions. The bugs are only susceptible for a few, a couple quick seconds. 3 or 4 seconds is a common period of time for them to be on the top of the water.

When we have overcast, moist, cool weather the bugs hatch as well. The difference here is the amount of time they spend attached to the surface. Long periods of time may pass before they are able to take flight. The drying time now is quite lengthly. The 45F and calm and moist conditions force the BWO’s to spend an inordinate amount of time on the surface.

Trout like that.

So, the problem is the skies. The bright skies. Not only do the BWO’s take flight to early for trout enjoyment the trout do not like to rise in the bright so=un, in the spring. Of douse they do in the summer when billions of PMD’s and Trico’s are out and about. But the BWO is a spring and fall bug here and historically they do not like to get after it as much.

So if you are here this week, next week or any time this spring and you are fond of casting to rising fish, pray for the cloud cover. It really helps the bugs stick to the top of the water for a long time. And the fish do not have eyelids, so they cannot squint. And the fish do not like to lie in spots where they are susceptible to overhead prey either.

So as you can see the inclement weather is a good thing for you. A good thing for the bugs. And a good thing for the trout. All winners with overcast skies!

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