This weeks warm weather should get the Pale Morning Dun’s cranked up. Our very favorite Missouri River hatch. PMD’s epitomize downstream dry fly presentations on flat water. And the trout love them. That first week or 10 days is always significantly better than there following 4-6 weeks. The fish can be as “easy” as it gets. But we’re talking Missouri River easy.

Earlier I advised anglers to be prepared for all stages of the PMD hatch. While I won’t take that back, I will say that if you’re here for those first few days, just about any cripple will work. And we like that.

Here’s a few of our favorites from (L to R) Silverman, Quigley, Hodek, Quigley and Nymen. For the first week I personally might just grab a dozen Nymens, but those others are just so tasty – and proven as well. When things get a little tougher after the first week, the name “Harrop” will be added to that list.

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