PMD’s, the next couple weeks, and a Covid Update

PMD’s, the next couple weeks, and a Covid Update

Pale Morning Duns

PMD’s this week big time. Not the big hatch yet, but very close. The PMD weather has been perfect though. High humidity of us at 79% this am. Inclement weather with T-Storms threatening nearly daily. They love broken choppy water as the PMD is a terrible merger. Not as strong as some of the other mayflies. They love the broken surface tension to emerge. More emerge, and then is the rain is spattering, they cannot get off. And that is good for two parties. The trout, and the angler.

Water temps are in the range as well. 53F. All good. Flows currently up as maintainence at the dam is occurring. Should drop to our too low lows on Thursday.

Lots of PMD patterns in stock. This hatch will last approximately 6 weeks. Get the patterns you gotta have in the late season, now/today. The trout are ready to eat the fly on the surface.

Covid-19 Update

Had a few infections recently of the Covid-19 here in Craig. Clients tested positive upon arrival. Please for the health and safety of all of us, here at the shop, our guides, and your friends and family,   test before you get on that plane.

Safety first. It will help not only you, your immediate and close loved ones, but this tiny fishing ‘burb of Craig. We are doing the same here at Fly Fishing Ground Zero. We are conscious of the dangers and are aware of them. So are you. Let’s all do our part in keeping this deadly infection at bay.

Local River(s) Update

The Dearborn flowing at 407 cfs. Good floating right now. How long will it last at fishable and laotable flows? We cannot guess the weather, or the rain, or flows. Strike while the Iron is Hot! Big floatings and droppers, streamers, and I guess nymphs? Most are focussing on the surface on this jewel of a tributary.

The Missouri River below Holter dam spiked yesterday to 5200cfs. It nearly doubled in volume. Did the fish like that? Well, not so much yesterday. They may shake out today? This is temporary, as we mentioned previously, and will return to our lows on Thursday. Will we see increased flows in June and July? Ohh, maybe. But doubtful. It will not rise to the 5Ks again. We think.

Headhunters Fly Shop News

Open daily 730 am.

Flies, flies and more flies.

Lodging available in some spots. Pretty full the next 6 weeks. But, if you did not book your trip last November for this month ahead, you will be staying in GF or Helena. Campsites have been full as some campgrounds in our area are closed due to lack of support staff. Call if you wish, but a front end warning…You shoulda booked when we pleaded with you to book, last year man. 

Guides available in late July and August. That is where we are at in the overall picture. Call for Swiss cheese holes int he calendar, but I will say again, not much left on the bone out there for guides or lodging. 406-235-3447 ext 1 for our crack booking team.

Friendliest fly shop on the river, fantastic knowledgable guides and shop staff. Come by for suggestions, free coffee, free maps, sun gear, PMD patterns, and more.

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