Montana mayfly hatches

PMD’s Up Close

Local “shop kid” Adair has a new hobby. Quickly freezing mayflies is the latest in 9 year old entertainment around here. Never tried it myself, but I have quickly discovered that frozen Mayflies are much easier to photograph than “hot” bugs. Here’s a couple of detailed shots of our favorite Missouri River Mayfly for those who have never looked close, or those who can’t because the eyesight ain’t so good no more.

To learn more than you need to know about Ephemerella Infrequens, here it is at Troutnut.

Montana PMD fishing hatches
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  • Great images, Adair, but it would also be nice to see what is visible to the trout, or the ventral surface of the PMD. Could you flip those little frozen bugs over for a shot of their bellies, too? Nice work.

  • Freezing insects for a photo op is an incredibly good idea. Good thinking Adair.

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