Public Land Water Access

Public Land Water Access

Public Land Water Access is a great organization fighting to keep some of your land open. Commonly private interests insert themselves into our fishing and hunting life by buying, owning, and changing your land into their land…and consequently blocking the access that truly is allowed by law.

“The mission of PLWA is to maintain, restore, and perpetuate public access to the boundaries of all Montana public land and waters.”

But as you may know, sometimes it gets a bit sticky. And expensive. The defensive side of the equation is generally expensive. is an organization that lends itself to solving these land rights issues.

Have you ever traveled to your favorite fishing hole on public back roads and found a new No Tresspassing sign, or the road blocked with a gate? If you feel this is executed illegally or wrongly you can contact PLWA with your concerns and they will address the issue.

Public Access Objectives

  • Educating and informing the public on their ownership and access rights.
  • Monitoring public access routes and identifying access problems.
  • Initiating legal action when access has been illegally blocked.
  • Monitoring public land sales exchanges, and purchases to insure that no transfers are made without full consideration of conservation and recreational values.
  • Initiating programs and policies to expand public land and water access.
  • Pursuing every legal and ethical avenue to protect and maintain your access to public lands and waters.

Check out the PLWA site and get involved. They could use a few dollars too. Donate if you feel this is a worthy cause.

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