Rainbow Czech Nymph Just Add Vise Kit, Video

Rainbow Czech Nymph Just Add Vise Kit, Video

The legendary Rainbow Czech Nymph offered by Headhunters Fly Shop of Craig Montana.

Included is the video above. Come by the shop picking up the Just Add Vise Rainbow Czech Nymph Tying Kit. Tie a zillion my friend. This fly only works from this week…until last week next year.

The Rainbow Czech nymph is attached to most nymph rigs 365 days a year!

It used to me our #1 seller in the shop. Now it may be Wilcox’s Little Green Machine. I’d tie the LGM below the RB Czech. Then get your net ready.

Enjoy the video today on Headhunters Fly Shop daily Blog. Tie up a gross this evening. Enjoy.

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