Rainbow Czech Nymph Video

Rainbow Czech Nymph Video

Rainbow Czech Nymph Video

Headhunters very own Fly Tying Kits for your winter fly tying consumption.

Winter is a good time to tie up a box full of the #1 selling fly on the Missouri River.

It is losing ground to a few other popular nymphs like the Little Green Machine and the ever popular Zebra Midge. But a strong player all 12 months of the year.

Tie it up in #10 thru #18 with varying weights. We love it as a lead, or top, fly nearly daily. It goes through hot and cold periods but for the most part the Rainbow Czech Nymph brings it daily. Certainly the most consistent fly we have ever fished.

The Just Add Vise Kit includes everything you need to tie the fly including 25 oohs. The thread, dubbing, the beads, and so on. Then watch the video and pump out some killer flies.

Use the video as a reference and get your Just Add Vise Kits from Headhunters. Order it up online.

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