RIO Nymphing Leader

RIO Nymphing Leader

RIO Nymphing Leader

The next 4 months you may need something like this on the end of your fly line.

Nymphing Leader? Why should I rock a nymphing leader you day. Can’t I just use a regular tapered leader, something I already have?


If you run out of those old stiff and curly hobbies I would get a couple of these to try.

The benefit of this Indicator Nymphing Leader is the ability to sink rapidly due to no knots impeding sink rate. This 10 foot leader tapers for 2 feet from the butt section then runs 8 feet of static diameter.


The ease of use is another thing to like when fishing this leader. Run it long or run it short, or anywhere in-between.  Still sinks quickly.  Tapers rapidly. No knots to impede sink rate! Simple.

I love this leader and fish it on my Nymph Rods. I also use the Indicator Leader in conjunction with the RIO Indicator Fly Line.

Put them together creating a nymphing concert all those subsurface fish will love!

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