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Pat Clayton – CEO at Fisheyeguy Photography –  and I put together another “Life Aquatic” nature video, this time featuring some of the original Montana natives… Bull Trout. Took some work and some bushwhacking but we got some very nice footage, and of course Pat’s incredible underwater still images. And this is Pat’s first serious effort with some underwater video. Really cool watching big Bull Trout pay Pat no never mind. That’s what Apex predators do.

If you like Pat’s images – and you’re a social media buff – I highly recommend following him on Facebook. Great images, humor and some conservation commentary. I’ve said it before, but Pat’s devotion to trout and the rivers they inhabit is incredible.


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Wow! This video represents the finest collection of Bull Trout images I have ever seen! Absolutely fantatstic work guys! Thank you very much !!!


Great work !

Were those leviathans located up the South Fork of the Flathead by chance?

Beautiful and inspiring work, gentlemen. Many thanks and a Cold Smoke raised to you!

    Cant say but somewhere around the Crown of the Continent. I will say that figuring out what stream they are in is not hard. Figuring out where they are in that stream and bushwhacking to them is…

Wow, wow, wow!! Fkin awesome.

Breathtakingly beautiful. Fantastic photography, video, editing, and sound editing. It deserves an audience of thousands, tens of thousands. Thank you.

Man, that is awesome!
Great work! Thank for you for documenting and sharing!

And the Montana Wild guys were targeting these fish, reeling them in and releasing them with hook in mouth and reeling them back in up to 19 times to get video footage for their website.