River Rising Due to Recent Rainfall

River Rising Due to Recent Rainfall

While we love living and fishing behind the Holter Dam we occasionally have to endure, mild in comparison to freestone rivers, a rise in the. waters due to rainfall.

This period of the year the lake, Canyon Ferry, is filling. Goal to fill the reservoir 4th week of June. On target for that event, occurrence, with current waters available to fill to 97% at that juncture.

Spoke with the dam manager and she said 5-10K for the May and June period unless there is a rain event.

We had a rain event. About an inch and a half locally before the torrential thunderstorm through out the region this afternoon. Some of the most violent rain and hail we have seen in a while. How long? I don’t know. But a real douse for an hour in Craig Monday 5pm. Rain event must be Montana wide as the the Missouri River seeing an increase to 12K plus Tuesday. A move upwards in the morning, and then, a move upwards in the afternoon Tuesday. Big moves tomorrow.




Climbing the ladder 10K, 11K, 12K. More?

Will this last all that long? The higher waters? Maybe. But we do not believe so. Meaning this author. I do not believe so. Looking at the trajectory of the Canyon Ferry Lake fill it looked as though the dam managers were on track at 0.25′ per day to fill at 97% late June.

But, that is speculation based on few decades of observation and footing these hallowed waters.

The nymph bite is not all that happy with rising tides. Saw a few PMD and caddis about today Monday fishing the canyon reach. Lots stuffed up top and that will continue as the waters fluctuate during our annual water maneuvers. Streamer fellers back to the heavy tips and weighted flies. Swingers? Will be swimming at these levels.

Trib’s? Yep. Dearborn 530cfs and softly falling. The rains have not affected this tributary yet. Blackfoot? Coming into shape as well. LPP. A non-issue.

That is the latest. Keep it tuned here to Your Information Source here on Montana’s Missouri River. Stop in and show your support of this daily blog by spending at HH of Craig. How often are you reading our neighbors reports? Hhhmmm…

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