Rough Legged Hawk

Rough Legged Hawk

Rough Legged Hawk

The Rough-legged Hawk spends the summer capturing lemmings on the arctic tundra, tending a cliffside nest under a sun that never sets. Winter is the time to see this large, open-country hawk in southern Canada and the U.S., where it may be perched on a pole or hovering over a marsh or pasture on the hunt for small rodents. Found globally across northern latitudes, this species occurs in both light and dark forms.

Saw 4 working the south end of the old Range place. Love it. Shot this image today about noon.

When hunting, Rough-legged Hawks often face into the wind and hover, scanning the ground below for small mammal prey. They often perch on fence posts and utility poles, and sometimes on slender branches at the very top of a tree. They soar with their wings raised in a slight dihedral, or V-shape.

Wind today with decent fishing. A good nymph bite in the late morning and a few nibbles on top with a giant  Adams. Not too bad with an unsighted sow dangling from it either.

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