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#1 error from casters that I see in the boat? They never stop the rod on either the fore or aft cast. Perpetual motion.

Analogous to throwing a dart, you must stop the forward motion of the rod.

You have to stop the rod. You have to. It is a must.

It is physics. I don’t make that poop up man. Many guests believe I am speaking gibberish.

And, some of them are right?

I always say that the fishing stuff spurting from my mouth is true. All of the non-fishing diarrhea emanating from my person? Straight BS.

See folks. Watch the video. I’m not making it up!

Watch that fellers rod stop on the front and back. It stops. Like your hand hitting a brick wall. It stops.

And there is a pause to let the line straighten. You cannot push fly line. No matter how hard or fast or whippy you try.

You gotta stop the rod. There is not a substitute for this.

Do yourself a favor in 2019 and take some casting lessons. BEFORE YOU COME TO THE RIVER.

You know professionals take lessons every day. Professionals have casting instructors. Yes they do. Honest. Speaking with Whitney Gould a couple weeks ago, who is currently the Women’s World Champion Spey Caster, while she was on a break from her casting instructor. Yes, the best in the world have casting instructors. The best in the world have casting instructors.

So, many of us do not fish 100+ days a year. We may only fish 3 days a year. Those anglers also need casting lessons. Honest.

The best in the world get coaching. Lots of coaching.

Guide Ben Hardy always says that when you come here you are not to practice your cast. The Missouri River is the SHOW! You don’t practice your baseball swing when you get to the World Series? Nope.

So practice happens before you get here. In your lawn on Sundays for 10 minutes a week. Or seek out a casting professional and raise the bar man. Preferably both.

I have had guests do just that. Get casting lessons. Practice for short periods of time before you arrive. Don’t go and practice for an hour. Nobody casts fro an hour straight. Shorter periods of practice, more often That is a recipe for casting success.

Do you know the outcome of practicing? More trout to hand. More success. Bigger smiles.

Yes, bigger smiles.

And life is too short to trim the smiles from your day.

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  • My Own Party
    March 12, 2019 9:12 am

    I have been fly fishing for 50 years and never took lessons until 2 years ago. Not only do I cast better, but I can cast all day with 10% of the effort. Cast better and cast with less effort.

  • Is the video link working? It’s not on my computer. Could be me though.

  • Gotta load the rod to make it work the way it’s intended to work! Taking a look at the back cast from time to time is also very helpful – you see the laws of physics at work and it helps you SLOW down.

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