Sage G5 Trout Spey Rod Review

Sage G5 Trout Spey Rod Review

Shop All Star Dick Magill with the Sage G5 Trout Spey Rod Review today. Dick fishes with a Trout Spey rod most of the time. His single handed c pst is much better than when he arrived 4 years ago. His two handed cast and knowledge is much greater now too. Spending 365 days a year on one of the world’s best trout streams does have its advantages!

I recently got a chance to get out and fish the all new Sage G5 series of trout spey rods. We’ve had the 3wt here in the shop for a couple months now and the general consensus is that it is awesome. So naturally I couldn’t wait for the 4wts to get here. They arrived about a month ago and needless to say, it is also a fantastic rod. With Sage’s Generation 5 technology, not only is the rod incredibly strong, but also light in the hand and very responsive helping to convert every bit of potential energy from the rod to the cast.

At 11’3” the G5 matches up with most other 4wts on the market in regards to length. It does feel a bit lighter in my hand comparatively to other 4wts which I found to be quite enjoyable when fishing/hiking around for most of the day. Even though the G5 boast a light physical weight, it still generates a very powerful, fast action. Perfect for driving your favorite Skagit rig through the harsh winter winds.

Sage is recommending a grain window spanning 300gr to 350gr. After fishing it for several days my personal preference on the rod is Rio’s 300gr InTouch Skagit Trout Spey shooting head paired with one of Rio’s Light 3D MOW tips. Rounding into the winter months the tip I will most likely be using is the S3/S4/S5 3D MOW tip. It is a pretty aggressive tip and has no problem penetrating the depths to find hungry trout. 

If you’re in the area and want to see what all the hype is about feel free to swing by and check them out. We even have a few demos if you would like to go swing a run or two.

We are open 7 days a week all winter long. Stop in for spey technique tips, the only spey fly selection on the river, and the staff to support the often confusing entry into the two handed rod game. No bad or stupid questions here @ HH of Craig, We all start at the beginning



3wt: Grains: 250-300gr – Soft hackles, moderately weighted steamers. The most versatile of the TROUT SPEY G5 series. The 3110-4 will accommodate a large variety of fly lines as well as a variety of flies. If you’re new to the Trout Spey category this is the rod of choice

4wt: Grains: 300-350gr – Large streamers  The 4113-4 model is built for large and carnivorous trout and the larger flies used to get their attention. Power to cast larger streamers and sink-tips.

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