Saturday 2.27.21 Missouri River Fishing Report

Saturday 2.27.21 Missouri River Fishing Report

Water flows 3300cfs lower then normal. To find those deeper winter buckets you may have to search a bit. The fish are holding in them. But those spots may be off the shore farther than you remember.

The fish are only in the cold deeper arenas. Those fishing anything but the slow and cold end of flats are getting cold not catching ’em.

Swingers need to get out a bit further too.

Water temps low. The gauge is fouled so we are not getting a current water temp read. But it is cold. 33F-35F.

Sow bugs seem to be the tip. But PINK worms, scuds, and some midge have been on the radar as well.

No boat ramp issues on the upper. Mid Canon is the lowest most would fish because of the slush and floating ice in the river.

Snowing today. Flurries. Week ahead daily air temps in the higher 30’s.

Shuttles daily. Shop open 8-5 daily. Boat rentals, guides, lodging.

A few guide trips out this week. SOL guided yesterday. Tough sledding. We achieved success with some beautiful rainbows and a Whitey or two. We certainly had to work for the fish.

Continue to do the right thing and you will be rewarded on the Mighty Mo. It is a river that will provide a few trout even when the fish are not quite in the mood! So we got that going for us.

March brings our annual Spring Special at $450/day March 15th thru the end of April. Call today to get that on the books.

For those thinking of summer 2021 ahead, you need to pull the trigger. June and July dates are thin. Lodging and guides are nearly booked through. ’21 promises to be a big year. And we are looking forward to normal water conditions to add the dry fly component to the June period.

Will the midges start popping here soon? It is nearly March. And March can bring some decent midge dry fly fishing.

Have a great weekend.



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