Saturday Fishing Report & Housekeeping

“You gotta fish at the coolest time of day.” A tip from Braden, who we find twitching and skittering after dark in the above image. The after-hours party is happening right now, with a mix of Caddis, tiny PED’s, Craneflies, a few Spruce Moths, and a gozillion bats. If you go out after dark – and don’t like bats inside a rod tip length – don’t turn on your headlamp.

Nymph Report

Continues to fish well. The weeds have gotten a tiny bit worse, but that drifting mess seems to wax and wane as it always has based on factors we have never understood. I think a combination of air vs. water temperature, oxygen content in the H20, and some kind of lake effect. Bottom line: it will drive you nuts at some point during the day, but not all day. And not everywhere. TIP: The bigger and harder you mend, the more weeds you’ll pick up.

The dam still seems to be the spot most folks are getting stumped. I recommend tiny sow bug patterns (no bead) and beadless Zebra midges. Get deep with it and stick around near the dam until you hit on the pattern. Actually, I recommend going somewhere else…

From Wolf Creek to Dearborn, and mix of skinny Mayfly patterns like the Little Green Machine, Caddis imitations (Blooms Purple Weight Fly has been best), and some flashy Rainbow Warrior type flies are a good call. Start at 5 feet and go up and down from there. Lower down most anglers are having success with larger patterns like the Worm, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Clouser Crawfish, and Cranefly Larva. I would throw a large #8 or #10 scud in the mix along with a snail pattern if you have one (we don’t).

Cascade is fishing pretty well and getting more abuse than normal for this time of year. I hope the anglers hitting the lower stretches are paying close attention to the water temperatures. Flies should include some hopper type junk, Czech droppers and Ant patterns. You’ll likely encounter localized Callibaetis and caddis hatches at some point.

While the nymph fishing is still a bit of a riddle, it’s by far the most productive and consistent for most anglers. It also seems to be improving each day, and that should continue as we experience some cooler weather in the next week.

Trico Wars

The only thing consistent is that it’s a tough battle most days in most places. Two days of weak hatches can be followed by a monster spinner fall. And that big event could occur at Wolf Creek Bridge or at Mountain Palace. The fish are tough and we are using 6X, small clusters and spinners, and looooong leaders, tippets and casts. So it’s the usual for the first week of August. The good news is that moderate to minimal pressure means you can fish most of the spots you want to. No need for a long float if you’re hunting heads.

Hopper Fishing

You can follow our guides leads and be on the water at 6:30. It can be really good with the big bugs. But more than once in the last 10 days that good session was at 1:00pm, like the book says. If that wind kicks up after lunch tie one on. And, they’re cutting most of the fields along the river right now which tends to kick a few hundred-thousand hoppers into the river. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. They’ve all seen it now. Long casts down in front of the boat are key. If they refuse it, twitch it. Our advice? If you tie on a hopper, leave it on all day. Any float will do.


The new Sage X is in stock now in both the 590 and 690 configurations. Get them while they last. We’ve got demo’s ready for you to try.

We also have the new 4 piece Swift Flyfishing Epic Fastglass rods in stock. A variety of colors in 580, 686 and the 5 piece 7’6″ #4 “Packlight” which has become my most used rod this season. I love it.

Talk to Sara if you’re interested in purchasing an NRS Freestone Drifter Demo with oars, pump and anchor. You’ll love it this fall when the water comes back up and cools off a bit. We also have a beater raft trailer that rolls great for sale. First $400 takes it.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in high performance sun protection headwear, check out the new Shelta hats in stock. Dewey and I have been test driving these for a couple of weeks and we are sold. Awesome protection, breathability, lightweight and they stick to your head in the wind.

And pretty much all technical sun shirts are on sale right now (I just filled up the rack yesterday!). Cruise by Headhunters and score some sportswear at a great price.

We actually have an unspoken for Abel Super 5 Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary reel in stock! (Seems impossible, but it’s true!)

Mark’s Advanced Fly Fishing School is full. You missed out!

Perch fishing is on fire in the river (if you know where to look) and on the lake. Why pick on those trout suffering in warm water when you can feed your family…

Looking forward to some cooler weather and hopefully some precipitation this weekend and early next week.


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  • Curious–what line are you using on the Epic 476? I built one up over the winter, and it’s been my go-to backcountry rod this season. I’m quite impressed.

    • I’ve used several lines but have settled on the Scientific Anglers Ultimate Trout. I’ve also used the MPX (half line size heavy) and like that as well, probably more for quick shots with bigger flies. But the Trout seems a perfect match – as it should be – for a glass rod.

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