Saturday in Craig Montana

Saturday in Craig Montana

Sunny and windy this morning.

Some anglers drifting around.

Trickling in, as the river trickles by.

Shuttles daily. Guide trips this coming week? Maybe. More and more calls wondering about the current status of the river.

It’s good. Low. Fishing pretty good. Midges around on any given day with fish looking towards the sky, slurping up a few clusters. I guess the nymphers are doing well. PINK. SOW. Deep-ish. Streamer anglers happy. Swingers are always happy as that set enjoys the entirety of the game. I would claim that nymphers like the catch. DFO’s like to stand around watching, they are watchers at heart.

Spring is coming. It is only 3 weeks away. Hooray. Spring storms will add to our snowpack. Do the snow dance today.

Again, all good here in Craig. Summer booking coming in daily. The screws on June guide trips are tightening. Not too much more open in June, although you could get in before the 9th. The least couple have a few Swiss cheese holes available. Like 3, a few.

Have a fabulous last weekend in February. Our least favorite month here on the MO. Spring is coming!

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