Saturday. The Weekend. And Bob James w/ Autumn Nocturne

Saturday. The Weekend.

Calm in this image. But today not that calm. Pretty windy. Wind in the forecast again tomorrow.

Will it ring true? The forecast? We’ll let you know Monday if the wind came for a visit. Guessing is similar to playing Roulette. Sometimes you are right, others?

Bob James with Autumn Nocturne below. Play it. Close your eyes. Let your mind drift down the autumn colored river. One last time. One final journey before the blues of winter set in. Leafless, colorless, without warmth, and windy.

But not yet. A few more days or weeks until that day  comes.

Until then continue to frolic in the leaves, breathing deeply the musky smells of fall, of light cast with the remaining shades of November including the sounds of babbling waters.

Bob James along with Autumn Nocturne will get you there…

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