Saturday Zep Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Saturday Zep Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Second reminder this young year to practice casting if you are a dry fly expert. Or wanna be DFO angler.

Casting accuracy is damn important if you like to put yourself in the right place, zone, state of mind.

If the trout does not see the fly, the trout does not eat the fly  –SOL Proverb

Today I thought that this tune could motivate us for the 2021 dry fly season. Or remind us that it is not anybody’s fault but yours, if you do not get bit. To me the pattern is a secondary issue. If the fly pattern is not presented perfectly, the fish will not eat it. EVER. Meaning the Mighty Mo. The perfect fly, that drags, even slightly, across the nose of your target, does not get bit.

So the fly is a secondary issue. Once again. The drift is king. And placement is secondary as well. Drift is the primary.

But today’s blog is about accuracy and placement. You can only  practice drift, on the water. The winter months do not give us as much opportunity to practice the crucial dry fly drift. I do understand practicing this crucial aspect, the most important component of the dry fly equation, can really only be done on the river. Or a stream with similar qualities of this river.

And that is why you should come twice this year. Or stay a week. Or both.

It is in fact the best time of year to practice that cast of yours. 25′-50′ casts catch a ton of fish on the Mo. That time is now. Most fly lines are designed to cast efficiently and accurately in this range. The Headhunter Fly Line, our proprietary dry fly specific line is made for exactly the distances mentioned above. 25′-50′ casts are the most common dry fly distances here on this famous dry fly tailwater.

Practice Casters are great for building the necessary skill set. They produce astonishingly similar feel and timing to the 30′ cast. Cast short, cast long, and do it inside your house! No need to stand int he driving snow. Nope.

Building muscle memory. Teaching your brain and arm and wrist and hand to cooperate. To communicate. You will not progress without this primary element of your casting game. Achieving that desirable muscle memory is so damn important in the game too. Your brain and body need to communicate to complete the repetitive electric transmission.

And it is Saturday. Go practice between NFL games. Because if you cannot get the fly to the right spot this dry fly season…you will sing out loud “Nobody’s Fault but Mine!”

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  • Good call. I was at my favorite park Sunday practicing. Started taking a camp chair to practice sitting down. Every year we come up and cast sitting in the boat. I practice standing and it makes no sense. Not just casting, but managing line around your feet.

    It really helps.

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