Missouri River Walleye fly fishing

Save a Trout, Kill a Walleye

You’ve seen a lot of Walleye pic’s from us this spring. Most of them dead. Which is how they should be. If I were a religious zealot I would say that God put Walleye on Earth to make fish tacos with. I like fish taco’s.

I think Walleye are great fish. They are stealthy creatures, and you need to use all of your fish-problem-solving-skills to catch them. Especially on the fly. But also with bait.

Do they fight? Not really. Are they big? They can reach trophy size on the Missouri River, especially below Holter and Hauser Dams. Do they eat well? Nothing that swims in freshwater is better for the fork. Or the Tortilla.

If you want to go catch a few, there are several ways to get them. Flies, lures, dead minnows and live leeches all work to different degrees. The most popular lure is a small countdown Rapala. A Rainbow Trout pattern works best. That concerns me.

Walleye are voracious predators. As much as I like fishing for them (as an alternative and change of pace), and as much as I like to eat them, I don’t like them. They eat trout, and lots of them.

Many of our local Walleye anglers were put off when Montana FWP decided to remove the limit on Walleye below Holter Dam. A major dis’ to their favorite fish. The reason, however, is the dramatic impact they can have on one of North America’s most prolific trout fisheries. Walleye are fish eating machines, and can power through pounds of trout fingerlings in a day.

There are many fisheries in Montana where Walleye are managed as the primary fishery. If you are one of the rare breed of catch and release Walleye anglers, go there.

The above Walleye died today at the hands of some Missouri River fly anglers. Good job fellas. Can you imagine how many baby trout this guy has chowed in his life? Lots. Nice fish by the way!

If you catch a Walleye – and you’re a fan of trout – make sure and introduce him to the Priest. He deserves it. You’ll be saving thousands of fish for the future.

Save a Trout, Kill a Walleye.

T-shirts coming soon.

Walleye eat Trout jun Montana
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