Scumliner’s FishSki today on the HH Blog

Scumliner’s FishSki today on the HH Blog

Not enough snow on the ground here in Craig to ski today. Just melting off after the cold two month period we just endured.

Snow melting and temps returning into a normal winter patter with daytime highs in the 30’s and nighttime lows balancing it out in the 20’s.

Some shelf ice lower, and some higher up too. Be careful out there as the riverbank conditions change daily! Watch for floating shelf ice as well as it can send you to the drink quickly!

Skiing daily here in central Montana. Looks like the west coast is getting some rain and snow. Dry here for a bit

If skiing is in your future have a great time. If fishing is in your near future, stop by and call before you head out. We’ll help.

Mid week here in Craig. Calm. Sunny. Feels good!

Hiring for 2023. Drop a resume to today and get the dream of becoming a fishing bum started!

Scumliner's FishSki today on the HH Blog
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