September, and how we feel about 2022

September, and how we feel about 2022

Still hot this week. And then, rain and 62F on Friday. Then…

Been really quite hot this month and the smoke has arrived in September. All summer long we have been graced with clear skies. Alas, that period of clarity has evaporated. Highs over 100F on Wednesday this week. And, then the daily temperatures fall into a more seasonal pattern bringing highs in the 60’s and 70’s.

And that is why we like Autumn here in central Montana. The leaves begin to color, the air temps cool with light jackets dug out from under the back seat, later starts times, sometimes un-real nymphing, and the most pleasant afternoons you could ever dream of.

As we mentioned the nymphing is the star, historically, of the show for the Autumn session. The development of the mayfly subsurface gives the angler and opportunity to put a few in the net. Fishing deeper for the morning period, shallower in the pm with a terrestrial bite hopefully wedged in your day somewhere.

Some Callibaetis can show locally. Hoppers can be good.

October Caddis is in the mix. Yep, comes earlier here. Try it under the surface too. Swing it? You betcha. Blind dry fly? How about an October Caddis Translucent Emerger out there searchin’? Want a monster? Trichoptera dicosmoecus is the word.

A busier month than August as the weather temps mirror the air temps and fishing becomes consistent. The entire river sees more traffic again as the spread begins with waning traffic at the dam. Some years. Some years the circus continues in the upper reach . Commensurate with the bite? Absolutely.

We do truly believe that the fantastic fishing will continue this fall that reflects the very strong dry fly season of 2022. We have no reason to believe it will change. But, Mother Nature makes the ultimate decision.

Lodging and guides available with one easy phone call to 406-235-3447 and follow the prompts.

Look into October and November as well with Swing Season literally around the corner. Start thinking about your education goals for the Trout Spey season ahead. Headhunters of Craig has the teaching staff to lift you up to the angler you want to be!

Happy Autumn. See you in Craig Montana this season!


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