September Morn-ing

September Morn-ing

Finishing up the month. September. Headed into one of our favorite months, October.

But before we leave this preliminary fall month let’s talk a bit about the nymph bite.

Deep vs. Shallow

Many beginning the day fishing deep. A split shot attached to your nymph rig, getting to the fish on the bottom. Bugs live in the weeds, the silt, the gravel, on/in/around the bottom. A valid location to begin your nymphing session. Standard rigs with a Zirdle, worm, Thin Mint, White or Black Leech, Frenchie, Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail, Purple or Gold Weight Fly, Scud, Bubble Yum, or Sow. Second fly a Zebra/midge/black fly larvae, one of the many great Euro Style nymphs/Perdigon etc, Little Green Machine, S & M, Tailwater Sow, Two Bit Hooker, Military May, Magic Fly, Firebead Sow…

Some switch to the Short Leash  after lunch while some start with it in the am. Fish to those fish as they move up higher in the water column as the insects embark on their daily journey to the surface. Skinnier water with big trout. Find waters that are 18″-36″ and fish it! Palsa Tab Indicators are great for their discipline. Headhunters carries these essential Indi for Mo River Success.Two small flies are the general method for this technique. Two Zebras, a beaded fly on the top and an unweighted fly not he bottom? Start fooling around with this method and the sky is the limit. Come in the shop nd we will instruct you and the positive outcomes of this very deadly fly rig.

Bugger Chukkers

Streamer anglers are enjoying the last couple weeks with the rain in the Mo River Neighborhood. White and black seem to be the flavor of choice during the late September period. Will it continue? Our ever increasing selection of streamer and meat flies will keep you in the game this year. Hundreds of streamer patterns for your desires!

Streamer lines for the fall ahead? Yeah, we really do have the greatest selection of fly lines in the canyon. We pride ourselves on knowing all about lines! Need an intermediate line to freshen up your streamer game? Lines from RIO, Scientific Anglers/SA, Orvis, OPST, Wulff, and Airflo.

A new Streamer Fly Line will help you feel better. Slippery fly lines require less energy to create good long casts. The time and length of the cast increases the time int he water. Therefore increasing your opportunities. Think about this efficiency theme here. Think about it. Or, you can clean your fly line. Not a new concept here on this blog, but a new thing for many anglers. Clean Fly Lines casts better with less energy! A fly line cleaner from RIO in the individual packages is $0.99. If you cannot spend that amount on your experience, then, then you must not like using the net much. Ninety-nine cents to casting freedom!

Trout Spey Anglers

More and more seen everyday. The next two months and occasionally into the Christmas month is the period of wonderment for the two handed gang. More on them later, but we are ramping it up now. Headhunters is your Trout Prey and Two Handed Rod HQ. Bar None. Stop in and let us help you catch more fish on the swing. More on the swing angler as we move into October.

Guided Trout Fishing Trips

A good way to introduce yourself to this often complex fishery. Take a guide trip for a day or two and rent a boat for a day or two and wade fish a day or two. That is a common path to understanding this mega trout rich river. Headhunters has a large staff of tenured guides to accelerate your learning curve. A good bet to hedge your, bet. Headhunters guides work all year ’round. Guides available 364 days a year. We are closed on Christmas Day. The rest of the year? Ready for action!

Casting Lessons @ Headhunters of Craig

You bet. Contact us to get better this year! for a variety of on the banks of the river, Craig Trout Camp in downtown Craig,  and more! Your one stop for lodging locally.

39 rental properties for you to peruse here on the Mighty Mo.

September Morn

Neil Diamond takes us into this late September Morn!


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  • White and Black as streamer colors- love this simplicity as a strategy. I’m never without these colors when sling’in streamers.

  • Contrary to what’s written above about streamers, decreasing your distance to the target actually provides more opportunities, not longer casts. Textbook Swisher and Richards. Lengthening your cast actually gives you less control and means your fly is out of the zone for longer. Short, tight casts increase the length of time the bait is in the zone. Yes I said bait. Like, whatever.

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