Shop Small November 26th

Shop Small November 26th

The time is coming for that shopping blitz known as Black Friday.

Yeah, the mobs arriving at stores at midnight has been lessened the past few years, but still  fanatical shopping time in the states.

Today we are reminding you that the small shops in your town are valuable to you and your community.

Of course we shop on Amazon. How can you get away from that beast? And we live in an area where the shopping options are slight compared to the city centers around this great nation.

flyshopsmallA reminder that fly shops are important to the fly fishing game. To the perpetuation of the sport. No, the bigger box tires do not play the same role. Not al all.

I rarely see a donation at a TU Banquet from the local Cabela’s or facsimile thereof. And the conversation at some fly clubs I have been to constantly circle around how to save a few pennies by buying foam, feathers, beads at their local fabric/craft store.

You know what I don’t see at said clubs is a raffle item from that fabric or craft store. Funny huh? We here at Headhunters get solicitations from dozens of fly clubs a year. And we donate to those clubs. I wonder what the success rate is when those clubs ask at their local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby chain store?

I think we both know the answer to that question…

Fly Fishing businesses donate and support the fly fishing industry.

It is your duty, turn, responsibility to give back to those who give to you.

Not yelling at you folks this morning, just a gentle reminder that this is how the world works.

Keep small businesses in business and you too will reap the rewards.

We have all heard the equation of dollars spent in your local community that stay in your local community. You kids sports clubs/teams rely on support form your local businesses like dentists, retail stores, restaurants, and fly shops.

Shop local this season. Keep your dollars local. And reap the rewards of your local community. You chose to live there. Support it like it has supported you.


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  • Good one Mark. I have always believed that while big business is important small business is where its at. In fact small business employees more people than big business in our country. I guess, no I know what frustrates me is our federal govt always talks about how important small business is, and that they want to help small business, but our CPA’S, and attorneys have never come to me and said its going to be easier, they lowered your tax rates or anything that helps small business.

    I salute Headhunters for all they do and donating to conservation causes. To me, that is one of the great things about our state. By maintaining and enhancing our water quality and habitat we are helping our economy. Montana does not have to sacrifice our landscape for business. In fact this amazing landscape is good for business.

  • I love flyshops staffed with unassuming, ambitious people who are happy to talk about what they know. I’ve been in shops all my life and some are comfortable and others not so much. You guys are good. Loved the coffee on the porch after being in the cozy shop. The daily info is a great read not only today but when you want to find something from the archives. Craig has a trout soul for sure. You are fortunate to have been able to dig out your niche where you want to be. Thanks for everything. I’ll be back.

  • If the flywheel is to keep rolling, we as the consumer, need to input energy. Support your local flyshop. Every visit I have made to Headhunters and my local shop (Lakestream in Whitefish) has been thoroughly worth it! I will be back to both…energy in = energy out.

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