Shop Small Today!

Shop Small Today!

And everyday. We too shop at larger retail outlets. It’s all fun.

But today why not support the local small stores.

Every Saturday should be shop small Saturday. Including today.

Shop the online store, call us, or stop by. We can help in any way. Not all of the thousands of items that we carry in the store is represented on the online store. But a fair sampling. Call us up if you want us to send you anything. We are like the small, small version of a fly shop…Amazon style.

We certainly have all you need for the Missouri River here in Craig and beyond.

Shop Small Today!The short fishing report is this…it is awesome out there. Nymphing of course is many anglers focus. But those stepping outside of that norm are finding good blind fishing success in the late afternoons. Bigger bushy flies have been working well. A cripple pattern fished blind has had some real fine success! Adams. Word.

Two Handed Casters are out there too. Saw several plying the Trout Spey trade yesterday as I took a drive up and down this fine resource. Lots of bots, and tons of bank anglers on the river this weekend. Fine un-seasonable weather has made the access to the river out of this world. Come out and enjoy it while you can!

Snow and colder air temps greet us next week with maybe some snow. Hope so! Let’s get winter on the way. Let’s get it going! Bring on the snow!

Have a good shopping or fishing Saturday! We will be here as we always are 8-6 daily. Shuttles, a guide trip or 2 out today, sale items, free perked coffee, loads of BS, and always warm inside the shop small confines of Headhunters Fly Shop.

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