Short and Sweet Missouri River Fishing Report

Short and Sweet Missouri River Fishing Report

Short and Sweet Missouri River Fishing Report

Things are all good here in central Montana. The snow came, and the snow went. At least from the roadways. Still some good snow in the hills that started us off in the right direction towards winter. But before we get there we still have a lot of Missouri River fall to enjoy.

Fishing is damn good. Nymphing good. Streamer fishing good. Dry fly fishing getting better.

Dry Fly Report

Better with overcast skies. Not because the bugs hatch better, already wrote that blog, but because the bugs stay on the water longer.

So sunny skies for the near future then some overcast opportunities later int eh week towards the weekend. What are you doing this weekend?

Tiny BWO’s are the game. Toss a small para pattern or a small cripple or a small emerger or something you can get behind. We love the cripple. A poly winged deal or a CDC or a hair winged. The fish cannot refuse a perfectly drifted cripple.

The drift is king. The first drift is way better than the 17th. Don’t be that guy that blows the fish on the first shitty unplanned and totally unprepared drift.

Fish anywhere you like. The lower better than the upper. But do not disregard Wolf Creek down.

Nymphing Report

Great nymphing the past couple days too. The fish were outright dumb. That does not happen enough. Short or long you choose.

Flies that you must have to go out there include the worm, the Rainbow Czech, the Tailwater Sow, The UV Czech, the Two Bit Hooker, the Little Green Machine, the Radiation BWO, the Cheeseman Emerger, or any fly that Ninch points at and nods…

Start deep and move upwards as the fish dictate.

Water Temps, Flows, Weather

The weather getting more fall like. The air temps for the next several days into the next week are reasonable and seasonable. So the water temps will continue to fall. Currently 55.5F. We are right in the fish loving it zone now. But soon we will be in the BWO hatching zone. And we love that. Flows are in the mid 3K’s

Come on out this fall and enjoy the Missouri River as it changes color, mood, and season.


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