Shuttlesnap – Smartphone Shuttles

The latest app that fly fisherman will find useful (plenty that you won’t) is SHUTTLESNAP from our friend Brett Seng, Bozeman guide and photographer.

SHUTTLESNAP is designed to make arranging shuttles and receiving confirmation a breeze for both customers and shuttle service providers.

I won’t describe the details of the process, you can figure out how it works very quickly at the SHUTTLESNAP website. But here’s the nuts and bolts…

  • email or text the shuttle provider of the shuttle you need.
  • receive a confirmation that the shuttle provider received your request.
  • receive a notice that your shuttle has been completed.
  • pay via credit card through the secure CC processor.

Pretty simple. You enter your vehicle description and plates one time. And you can enter more than one vehicle.

This will be an especially useful tool for those times when you use an independent shuttle service (as opposed to a fly shop) and you often end up leaving a message. Text messages also get through when phone service is sketchy, a common problem in Montucky.

I might not use this a lot here on the Missouri – I usually stop by the shop – but I certainly would like it for other parts of the state. I don’t keep all of the numbers for every shuttle service, so it would be nice to be rolling over to the Yellowstone and just use Shuttlesnap to find a shuttle service and arrange my shuttle. Especially if I’m on a dawn patrol mission.

So check it out and give it a try. Headhunters is the shuttle service for the Missouri, and we’d love some of our customers to give it a go.

Shuttlesnap is starting in Montana, but has plans to expand to other states on both fishing and whitewater rivers.

If you have any questions, you can ask Julie and Sara at the shop. They should be able to let you know the finer points and address any concerns. We’ve been in test mode for several weeks, and so far SHUTTLESNAP is a breeze to use.


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