Silly Saturday Scenery

Silly Saturday Scenery

Silly Saturday Scenery

Sandy approves of trout by Conor.

Raining hard today. Water temps still falling. Hoot Owl gone.

Parking lots empty today on this river cleanup day.


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  • Thanks for organizing the river clean-up! It pains me to see that road and riverside trash out there as well and I’ll always do my part to pick up junk, especially while floating. I once chased down a floatila of college aged tubers, who in their drunken stupor decided to throw an entire box full of trash and Corona bottles out on a side channel below Wolf Creek Bridge. I paddled down after them in my rage with their deposit and followed them out to the boat launch confronting them about their callous disregard for our river. It was very satisfying, although they probably just thought I was some middle aged mad man.

  • David Bennett
    August 22, 2021 1:51 pm

    With a sea of reasons presenting obstacle after obstacle your gesture is a small hope. One of my grandkids in college has gotten the message and hope the other becomes educated to the fisheries too. Water and weather conditions are some reasons I have not gotten there this year… yet, but hope is eternal. Wish the shop, the guides the best in some very difficult times.

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