Silly Saturday Scenery Kelton Brown Trout Edition

Silly Saturday Scenery Kelton Brown Trout Edition

This cat Kelton with a nice brown trout caught on a dry fly.

Kelton caught a few on the nymph rig and then stripped the streamer and tossed the dry fly.

This feller caught on the secret fly of the century.

An Adams.

When asked in the morning what the goal was, Kelton stated up front that fishing the dry fly was the objective. Guide mentioned that there may not be a whole lot of dry fly opportunities with Kelton following with “That’s OK, we’ll just be ready for when that happens. Catching a few on the dry is a great day. I don’t have to catch lots and lots of fish to be satisfied. One on a dry makes the day.”

So guide believes that Kelton is not a Future Fly Fisher. Nope. He was. Now he is a fly fisherman. And a Headhunter.

We like that here fishing Montana’s Missouri River hangin’ in downtown Craig Montana.

Thanks Kelton, thanks dad Scott for fishing with us this week. A real pleasure to enjoy the day with father and son witnessing the development of a modern angler that not only appreciates fair chase, conservation, respect of the resource, the outdoor journey, and the moment. Good mentoring dad. Great attitude Kelton.

An awesome day.


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