Silly Saturday Scenery

Silly Saturday Scenery Muddy Dearborn River Edition

Silly Saturday Scenery

The Dearborn is a bit blown. IT is not as high as it was at the front end of the week, but she is pushing some mud at a volume of nearly 200cfs.

2011 showed us 5K puking out of that small mountain stream. So 200 is minor.

But, the fishing in the mud is not as good as fishing the clean water. It isn’t. But fewer anglers below the Dearborn. I am of the ilk that fewer fish coupled with fewer is anglers is a good thing. And many are.

But, second but this blog, most will want to fish the squeeky clean section. I hear ya.

Fish either side. The fishing is good. Swingers, strippers, dippers, and floaters all getting some action.

Silly Saturday Scenery

The sweet spot in each run is smaller than it was last week. No longer are there 100′ long dreamy winter buckets with fish stacked top to bottom. Nope, now you gotta find the bucket. The primary bucket. Mostly found as of late near the top, on the shelf…which is exciting if you can’t see the bottom.

Ahhh…the rare time when experience, maturity, and age matter. If you know the sub-surface-strata you don’t need to see the bottom. Otherwise, youth pretty much wins most of the battles. Not lying here folks. Young anglers get it done! I applaud the youth in the fly flicking game. They are sharp, attentive, willing to learn, and most importantly willing to improve, to make a change. You need all four of those traits if you want to improve in any recreation venture.

Some anglers stare at me until I stop talking and go back to doing what they were doing before I tried to impart some constructive criticism. i.e. hints, knowledge, lots of honesty, nudges, instruction, avenues to improvement. Returning to the technique that was not working before the interruption.

I’m just saying  that to improve in any pursuit you must have interest in improving. Interest in change, for the better. And, most importantly you must actually try a different approach to your fly fishing game…at least once.

Most do not even try one time. Not once.

And that’s cool. Improvement is not for everybody. Some anglers are content to roll along status quo. And that is cool.

I’ve been teaching sports movement patterns for nearly 3 decades and the one thing that is most common with those that don’t want to learn is the stare. I know when I’m beating a dead horse when I see the stare. The blank stare, and yes everyone is quite polite,  indicates I’m wasting this fellers time by trying to better us all. Some anglers are not interested in learning.

They want to simply focus on catching fish.

I am an educator by design. It is difficult to turn that off. I need to recognize the stare earlier in the day so I can maximize that specific individuals daily goals. Not spend any more time learning. Cut that right off. It’ll be healthier for both parties involved when I master the recognition of said behavior.

Whoa. Another spring rant from Raisler. It may be my last this spring, but I doubt it.

Young anglers rule.

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