Silly Saturday Scenery

Silly Saturday Scenery, the Weather is Great, and Swing Season

Silly Saturday Scenery, the Weather is Great, and Swing Season

Wandering through the lamest month of the year. I’m not a fan of February. It is the month that while short, is not so sweet. Generally cold, precipitationless, and gloomy. But this February has been awful nice. A ton of snow in the front end, a warm up in the middle, and what will the last 1/3 bring us?

Swing Season is what we will enjoy. More rain and snow later next week. But until then we will seize the opportunity to swing a few trout up. John has been out doing some secret spey stuff, Braden is nymphing and swinging, Dewey is out there swinging, Sara is popping as many Perch as she can from the ice at Holter, Shane is nymphing and testing out some cool shit for the spring ahead, Mark stepped back in the water last week and is getting revved up, Ninch is busy loading the fly bins for the year ahead and swinging some up enjoying the Skagit side of life. Whew! A busy Headhunters Gang has been fishing!

Yep, the weather has been conducive to fishing. All of the shelf ice is pretty much disappeared. Look for some floating ice on the lower river and below the Dearborn River. As for the Dearborn it is dumping some mud in the Missouri River. Off color for a bit but not enough to discolor it so much as to not be fishable. More and more winter anglers are fishing below Craig, and beyond. Are you in the mix on this deal? The water temps are cold at 36F+. The magical 36F. Much better fish cooperation at this water temp. Are we headed up the gauge for the spring? Probably not yet pardner. We have a month or better of winter in front of us.

Swing Season is Back! Come by for shuttles, Adipose Drifter Demo’s and Rentals, cheap winter lodging @ Craig Trout Camp, lots of Spey Rods, lines, tips, knowledge and more!

Open daily @ 8am. Staying later as the sun and warmth get us all fired up here at Headhunters of Craig Montana.


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