Silly Snowy Drift-Boat Sara Sled Sunday Scenery

Silly Snowy Drift-Boat Sara Sled Sunday Scenery


Silly Snowy Drift-Boat Sara Sled Sunday Scenery

This image from February ’14. Sara rocking the Eastside Drifter at 35mph. Fireball was here co-pilot. If you want to do some drift boat sledding the mean streets of Craig are ripe for action. Don your Buff, it’s cold outside. Joe’s is open for pre-game liquid refreshment.

Windy today on this Sunday nearest Christmas. Snowy too. Still cold at 20F but is something we can handle. With the wind chill it must be near the 10 degree F mark.

So we look forward to the week ahead as I see on the forecast it will get above the freezing mark. Nice!

So fishing in our, your, future? Oh, maybe. There are a few that like to fish on Christmas day. Others still, love the first day of the year, New Years Day.

Whatever your choice we will be here for any of your trout fishing needs. Open daily for th remainder of the year. And, next year too. We will be open Christmas Eve until about noon for last minute personal gifts, shuttles, and such. Then Closed on Christmas Day. The only day we are closed all year ’round.

Open agin on the 26th. Boxing Day in Canadia. Business as usual here in Craiglandia.

Gift Cards are still on the table for those of you who need a last minute guilt. We can send on out in the morning. Or Tuesday morning too! Call today to get that ball rolling.



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